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Morphicon T-Shirt Contest Ended - Nutcase the winner - The Jeweled Horn the runner up

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Morphicon Room Block Closed!

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Guests of Honor


Krahnos first became involved in the fandom in 1997, when he came across a mailing list for fans of dragons. The character of Krahnos came to him in a very vivid dream that he had shortly before that, and underwent some design evolution in private drawings. Eventually he decided to publish some of these drawings on the mailing list, and that was the beginning of his furry art career. After that, around the time he began art school, he found FurryMUCK, and began to meet some local furs in the Ohio area. Most of his earlier work consisted of private commissions. His first large scale project began shortly after the first issue of Furnation Magazine came out, a comic called "The Wanderer", which was published in Furnation Magazine #2. The project expanded into its own comic series now published under FurPlanet. Krahnos's work continued in comics with the webcomic "Profiles", co-created with Graveyard Greg, and Krahnos's work has also appeared in another of Greg's comics, "Carpe Diem". Another large scale project followed with "Heathen City", as one of several contributing artists. He continued to work on comic projects including "The Wanderer" and "Profiles", as well as private commissions. In his spare time, he enjoys performing classical music with several local concert bands as a percussionist, and going to the occasional furry gathering. Krahnos adores listening to game and film soundtracks, and he absolutely loves fantasy movies.


Fossil the Undead Anthrosaur Artist was born May 9th, 1979, in Macon, Georgia and lives in Huntsville, Alabama. He is a writer, illustrator, cartoonist, animator, tattoo artist, dancer, tailor, prop builder, and otherwise typical dead dinosaur skeleton in the anthropomorphic fandom since late 2002, where his furry artwork was first seen on FurBid. He's perhaps best known for his herd of curvy female dinosaur characters, the Jurassic Beauties. Although Fossil is known primarily for his saurian art, he can draw anything else just as well. It's all lines to him. He also dabbles in sculpture, poetry, and music. Decent with a harmonica, novice with a guitar (but learning). Fossil has been drawing since infancy (age 3), but decided to pursue drawing and creating as a goal in 1993. He was mentored by veteran DC Comics artist Craig Hamilton in Macon, GA., and later began art school at Atlanta College of Art in 1998, where he studied 2d animation and graphic design. He has been tattooing since 2003, and is a premier name in body art in the furry fandom.

Outside of the furry fandom, Fossil has been a longtime charity organization participant, beginning with participation in Boy Scouts in his childhood, and extending on through the Boy Scout Explorers in highschool years, and later, Macon Police Department Americorps. A former C-130 mechanic in the Air Force, Fossil is involved with several multi-state charity groups themed around the “Ghostbusters” film franchise, and builds prop replicas and costumes for fundraising events with March of Dimes, Walk for Life, and other nonprofit organizations. Most recently, he has begun designing and creating elegant, prehistorically-themed custom clothing for himself.


Morphicon's 2014 Theme is officially "Howls, Growls, and Things Afoul: A Furrighteningly Good Time. Try to say that five times fast! This year we're putting a focus on the spooky and the creepy. Think It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo, and Halloween all rolled into one. The focus is on a delightful side of spooky. Expect to see lots of cool thematic events and decorations around the convention.