May 24 - 27
Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Edward Hyena Con Chair Our fearless (at least he doesn't show it :P ) leader!
Jaru / CJ Chief of Staff What doesn't he do? CJ holds the staff together and keeps us on track!
Jem Kegawa Webmaster Native Columbus Fur and software developer - this "wolfsky" loves programming, tabletop gaming, pc/xbox gaming, and his family.
Snow Wolf Video Gaming Lovable fursuiter that should not be given candy because hyperness. Really likes video games.
Twitch Otyolf Con Ops I've been attending Anthrohio since 2014, which was my first con. Everyone here is like family to me.
AJ Firewolf Publicity I'm AJ, I help keep our social frontier up and running.
Rain Hospitality Horse in charge of all your food. :D
Akea Grommet A/V Technical Working behind the scene to keep those on stage looking good.
Olmec Artist's Alley Coordinator Olmec joined AnthrOhio staff in 2016 and we still can't make him leave. If he's here, he's in the Artist's Alley, so say hi!
Drykath Website Assistant A big red dragon helping out on the tech front.
Ursa Supreme Tabletop Room Still pretty new at staffing for conventions. I'm a big fan of Board Games (obviously), Pokémon, and Movies.
Iceshadow13 Hospitality A friendly floppy eared mutt who resides in central Ohio and often spends her time drawing and building fursuits.

Special Thanks

Patrick L. Jennings Videographer We'd like to thank Patrick for his excellent video used across our site! He is an editor and student living in Chicago.
Rats Eye View Photography We'd like to thank Rats Eye View for taking photos at our con these past few years and allowing us to use it across our site!