May 25 - 28
2016 Dealers
The Dealer Room will be in Griswold A and B. Find out who will be there and which booth they'll be in here!

That's Furred Up! (Eenyu, GOH)

Fursuits and Fursuit accessories.

Pawesome costumes

Ohio based fursuit and parts maker specializing in toony and realistic suits. Come see our collection of suits as well as pick up some awesome parts to help you build your own suit! We have anything from claws, eyes to even foam and resin bases!

Kayleen "Katarina" Connell

Kayleen "Katarina" Connell is a traditional artist who currently lives in Virginia. She will be offering con badges, sketchbook commissions and limited take-home commissions. She will also have merchandise including prints, magnets, stickers and bookmarks. Look for the wench in the Renn Faire gear.

Miss Teary's Artwork

A collection of original framed and matted artwork, 3D art, home decor and cute gifts. Order your own custom art, badges and bring your characters to life!

Pipey Friends and More

The go-to source for custom gifts and accessories, including sculpture, knitted wear, window clings, and miniatures. Open for commissions down to the last hour!

PMoss Art

Commissions. Badges, Button, Stickers and Sketchbooks

Kris & Kit Illustration

Stickers, Prints, Bandana, Patches, zines, books, charms, commissions

Mallory Hodgkin Illustration

Original paintings, prints, handmade pins, art books, commissions, etc.

GrayElf Graphics

Everything. Original furry and anime style artwork, prints, badges, commissions, adult comics, tails, wooden pieces, paintings and lots of custom stuff.

Fox Spirit Crafts

Handmade plushies, hats, hoodies, kigurumis, tails, fursuit props, etc. Also offering onsite Fursuit photography (with professional equipment).


Handmade plush dinosaurs and animals, buttons and small trinkets with original artwork.

Quack Quack Honk designs

Art in many forms

Lock & Key Curiosities

Chainmail, scalemail, etched metal, and wirework bracelets, necklaces, earring & accessories.

Shottsy Arts LLC. - Twisted Tails

One of a kind wire sculptures, original digital art, t-shirts, laptop bags, and personally designed plush.

Silverfox Massage & Crafts

Leather, notebooks, jewelry, tumbled stones.

Misc Etc

Plushies, fursuit pieces (Ears/Tails/Paws) Necomimi and custom covers, costuming, chainmail, jewelry, buttons, patches and custom embroidery, corsetry, "instant fursuits".


Swords, gaming, journals.

Pocket Wolverine: Deltastic Studios

On-the-spot commissions and prints.

She-Jackal Arts

Polymer Clay Works, Resin Works, Original Art.

Naomi Romero Art

Prints, original framed art, plush, stationery goods, commissions.

Sanguine Games

Ironclaw, etc.