Contact Us

Position Name E-mail me if...
Convention Chair Snap There's an issue with the website
You can't get a response from one of the other staffers
You'd like to help out with the convention as a staff member (responsibilities and duties outside of the convention as well as inside)
Webmaster Jem Kegawa There's a problem with the website
Publications P Moss If you have artwork, comics, stories, or advertisements that you would like to add to the conbook
Programming Talmak You want to run a panel or event at Morphicon
You'd like more details on a given event
An event's description is unclear or confusing
You have feedback related to last year's convention programming
Publicity Janu You have a question or comment about the newsletter
You'd like to contribute something to the newsletter (such as a recipe or pictures)
You're another convention, interested in swapping flyers and/or conbook ad space with Morphicon
Gopher Wrangler Ridger Wolf You'd like to help out with the convention during the convention for a discount next year
You want to confirm your gophering discount from last year
Registration Mori St. James and CJ You'd like to correct a problem with registration information you submitted
You'd like to get a refund on your registration (we only offer these BEFORE the convention begins)
You'd like to register for the convention but are having trouble filling out a form
You'd like to upgrade a registration that's already been made
Performance Sonic Blu You'd like to participate in the variety show (bring your own material to perform)
You'd like to participate in the Spectacle of Doom (an adult performance where we provide prescripted material)
You'd like to participate in the Atomic Comedy Hour of Doom (a one-hour standup comedy show)
You'd like to participate in the Charity Pet Auction (If you have a fursuit and would like to offer yourself as a dance partner to the winning bidder for our charity)
Dealer's Den Floppybelly You'd like information about the dealer's den
You'd like information about the artists alley
Operations Edward Hyena You have lost an item at the convention
You have a quetion that doesn't fit any of the above categories