May 24 - 27
AnthrOhio 2017 Announcement

To all of our members,

As some of you may know, we had originally planned to move our event out of May to the dates of June 1st through June 4th in 2017. May was getting a bit difficult, in no small part due to the growth and success of MCFC, Mother’s Day, college finals, and college graduations. We also enjoyed the full run of the hotel’s convention space for most of Friday through Monday morning, and a move would have given us that space from Thursday night on.

However, as some of you may also know, BLFC was forced to change their dates for next year, to June 1st through June 4th in 2017. To prevent making our staff and our attendees choose between BLFC and AnthrOhio, we started looking into moving our dates. We did not want to go up against the 3rd largest (at this point) convention in the world, but we were also not going to compromise on having all of the hotel convention space for our members.

We can now announce that our dates for next year are changing to Memorial Day Weekend, May 25th through May 28th, 2017. We were fortunate in that we had some room to renegotiate our dates, although there weren’t very many other options left for us. All other options were either even worse in timing than BLFC’s weekend or did not guarantee us all of the convention space. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone in planning out their year, but we hope that this will work out for a vast majority of those of you who have supported us through the years and that we can see you all next year as we celebrate the Furries of Tomrrow!

-Edward Hyena
AnthrOhio Chairman